Life is Good

It’s been quite a two weeks for me.  I was trying to work on Monday morning, April 4, when I was overcome with severe stomach pain, a cold sweat, a wave of nausea, and a certainty that I was going to pass out.  A 911 call, an ambulance ride to a local ER, followed by two more days in the hospital during which even the whites of my eyes turned yellow before returning to normal color, and I was released.  Something caused my liver and gallbladder to go haywire, but they have never figured out what triggered it.  My gastroenterologist thinks it was a viral infection.  But I’m on the mend it seems, with the only lasting symptom at this point being a lack of stamina and some elevated liver enzymes that are finally nearing normal levels.   It was on the way back from a doctor’s appointment on a sunny Spring morning that it all hit me.  It was a beautiful day, I felt good, was in no pain, have a wonderful, loving family.  Hey, Life is Good!

Our Dogwood
Henri dragged my boot from my closet to the kitchen.

I stopped by Lexington Cemetery – thankfully just for a visit.

Yellow Tulip




Yesterday, Ann and I took Henri to Lexington.  We met up with Jordan and Oriana for  a picnic.  It was a perfect day for a picnic!


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