Early Morning at Spendthrift Farm


Last Saturday I arose at six o’clock to attend a photo tour of Spendthrift Farm, located about nineteen minutes from my home.  That’s what Google said, and Google was, of course, right.   Spendthrift has a long history as a thoroughbred horse farm, and is simply beautiful.  I crammed all the photography I could into the ninety minute outing, but it is hard to get both the sunrise and great lighting for the active horses in such a short time.  The tour left me wanting more, which is probably part of the hope – that I will come back for more tours.  Well, I think I will.  Well played, Spendthrift Farm!

Spendthrift Square-5 Spendthrift Square-8 Spendthrift Square-2  Spendthrift Square-3 Spendthrift Square Spendthrift Square-6 Spendthrift Square-7


Switzer Covered Bridge and Elkhorn Creek

I received two lenses from KEH today.  They are in “bargain” condition according to the dealer, but they look like they have only been lightly used to me.  The Fujifilm XF 10-24mm f/4 R OIS lens is a great wide-angle lens with a useful  zoom range.  I took my new toys, uh, tools, to the Switzer Covered Bridge in Franklin County, Kentucky this evening, trying to arrive during the “golden hour” before sunset.  It probably would have been better to arrive a little earlier, or to have underexposed a little, but I am happy with the lens’s performance.

Switzer Bridge

Switzer Bridge-4

I also bought the Fujifilm XF 55-200mm f/3.5-4.8 R LM OIS lens, a moderate telephoto zoom.  One of the pictures has some blur from not noticing that the shutter speed had dropped to 1/30 of second and I was shooting hand-held. This was too slow for the 100mm setting , but here it is anyhow.

Switzer Bridge-2

The other picture I took with the  lens was also at 1/30, but at 55mm – the short end of the zoom range.  It turned out sharp.

Switzer Bridge-3

I’m happy with my new lenses so far, even though I only got a handful of pictures in today.  I saved about $700 by buying them in “bargain” condition instead of new, and that does make me happy.

My Labor Day Walk at Paintsville Lake

I finally hauled myself out of bed early this morning for a short walk at Paintsville Lake.  It was quiet and beautiful, with the early  morning light, calm water, woods, and fog.  Beauty, like Art, like Literature, like God, is a mystery, and one that we should strive, not necessarily to understand, but simply to appreciate and experience.  And, of course, if we have a camera handy. . .

Sept 2_-2
The Dam
Sept 2_
The Copse in the Fog
Sept 2_-4
The Dam Control
Sept 2_-5
The Cone
Sept 2_-3
The Shore
Sept 2_-6
The Floating Leaf
Sept 2_-7
The Path

Morning in October

I love October.  The cool mornings make coffee extra good.  Spiders apparently agree.  When I pulled a bag of coffee from the special dark cubbyhole in my kitchen yesterday, I felt a tickling in my hand.  It was a big spider.  I took him outside (after I stopped screaming), to join his mates, like those that made these webs.


Another good thing about October mornings – fog!  I went to one of my favorite places today, near Printer here in Floyd County.


For some reason, autumn always kindles my interest in building a model railroad layout.  I had not felt the urge yet this year.  That may have changed this morning.


I had forgotten that the Red White and Blue Festival was this weekend in Martin.  It wrapped up yesterday, but there were still reminders.october-16-13october-16-15october-16-16

After I took that overlook shot of Martin above, I turned around and was reminded of one of the most important rules in photography.  When you have finished taking the picture, turn around!


May Showers and Flowers

It seems like it has rained most of the month.  A landslide across US 23 between Prestonsburg and Pikeville has sent me on one and a half hour detours to get to and from work this week.  One of the detours, on John’s Creek, revealed a good number of lovely farms, and this interesting church:

May Flowers and MoreMay Flowers and More-2

One of the interesting features of my Fujifilm X-T1 camera is the ability to replicate, more or less, numerous Fujifilm films.  That’s right, the company’s cameras have built-in settings to emulate, more or less, the company’s films.  Probably no film was more used by landscape and National Geographic photographers in the 1990s than Velvia, with its rich, sharp, punchy slides overflowing with color and contrast.  I shot these pictures of some flowers in Ann’s garden using the Velvia setting on the camera, as one of several rain showers on Saturday was receding.

May Flowers and More-5May Flowers and More-4May Flowers and More-3

And I took these pictures a little later just below the dam at Paintsville Lake.

May Flowers and More-6May Flowers and More-7May Flowers and More-8

My Sunday Morning

I went to the German Bridge area of Dewey Lake this morning – the fairly remote headwaters of the Lake.  The temperature was cool, in the mid-forties, but the fog was already lifting off the water when I arrived.  Also, despite some recent rain, the water level was still low with lots of sandy banks and deltas in the creeks.  Still, I saw some interesting sights.

April 24-6
April 24
Still Water
April 24-2
Double Yellow Lines
April 24-3
The Morning Catch
April 24-5
A Poignant Find
April 24-4
Along the Bank
April 24-7