Late October


It’s late October and the glory of fall colors has past.  I’m frankly tired of the over-saturated pictures that have flooded my Facebook page anyhow.  Hey, pretty much everyone with a digital camera has done it at one time or another, including me, so I’m not casting stones here.  But as the colors fade, my thoughts tend to turn more to local history.


This airstrip is built in Blockhouse Bottom, the spot of the original blockhouse in this part of the world.  It was to this blockhouse that Jenny Wiley fled after being captured by natives in 1789.  A raft had to be constructed and taken across the Levisa Fork of the River to get her and bring her back to the blockhouse, just before her captors appeared.  It was here that the Auxier family settled.  And it was here that three year old Elijah Auxier disappeared into the forest in 1796 and never returned.


Beside the airstrip is a small pond, surrounded by cattails.late-october-4

Nice farmland near the river.
The Levisa Fork of the Big Sandy River in Johnson County