Early Morning at Spendthrift Farm


Last Saturday I arose at six o’clock to attend a photo tour of Spendthrift Farm, located about nineteen minutes from my home.  That’s what Google said, and Google was, of course, right.   Spendthrift has a long history as a thoroughbred horse farm, and is simply beautiful.  I crammed all the photography I could into the ninety minute outing, but it is hard to get both the sunrise and great lighting for the active horses in such a short time.  The tour left me wanting more, which is probably part of the hope – that I will come back for more tours.  Well, I think I will.  Well played, Spendthrift Farm!

Spendthrift Square-5 Spendthrift Square-8 Spendthrift Square-2  Spendthrift Square-3 Spendthrift Square Spendthrift Square-6 Spendthrift Square-7


My Labor Day Walk at Paintsville Lake

I finally hauled myself out of bed early this morning for a short walk at Paintsville Lake.  It was quiet and beautiful, with the early  morning light, calm water, woods, and fog.  Beauty, like Art, like Literature, like God, is a mystery, and one that we should strive, not necessarily to understand, but simply to appreciate and experience.  And, of course, if we have a camera handy. . .

Sept 2_-2
The Dam
Sept 2_
The Copse in the Fog
Sept 2_-4
The Dam Control
Sept 2_-5
The Cone
Sept 2_-3
The Shore
Sept 2_-6
The Floating Leaf
Sept 2_-7
The Path