Week 4

Week 4

Can you spot the deer?

Week 4-2

Week 4-5

My beautiful chess board and pieces arrived from Notturno Inlaid Wood Works in Sorrento.

Week 4-3

A cloud above my house.

Week 4-4

Virginia City Presbyterian Church, Est’d 1893.   At dusk.   Just before the rain started.  That is part of a large, new hybrid power plant in the background.


Week 3

Week 3 and I’ve already run into trouble taking anything like one picture every day.  Good thing I didn’t make this a 365 project.


Bathroom Roses


Ann’s very short pack list.


Early morning view from the front windows.


Never know what you’re going to find in the bird feeder.

Week 1

365 projects are popular – there are even photo sharing sites dedicated to them.  The goal is to create a photographic diary of one’s life by taking and posting a picture every day for a year.  I don’t know if I’m up to that, so this is the first installment of what I am calling my “360 project.”  “360” as in this is a 365-like project, but without the stress of having to take a picture every day.  Or limiting myself to one picture from a good day.  The goal isn’t even a precise 360 days or 360 pictures.  The goal, really, is to take at least a few pictures each week and post them here on Sundays.  And there are 360 degrees in a circle and circles are always good.

Oct 27

Oct. 27 – front porch light

Oct 28

Oct 28 – the road to Hazard

Oct 25 to 31-10

Oct 28 – there was a sudden storm when I got home.

Oct 25 to 31-9

Oct 28 – the storm passed quickly. Both the last picture and this one were made from the front windows of my home.

On Thursday, October 29, I had to go to Lexington.  I got out late but took a quick pass through beautiful Lexington Cemetery on my way out of town.

Oct 25 to 31-8 Oct 25 to 31-7 Oct 25 to 31-6 Oct 25 to 31-5 Oct 25 to 31-4 Oct 29

On Friday, October 30, both Ann and I had things to do in Lexington, so I returned.  We ended that day with a small celebration of Jordan’s birthday.

Oct 25 to 31-3


Oct 25 to 31-2


Oct 25 to 31

The birthday boy! He was sitting next to me which, unfortunately, apparently meant he was too close for my little camera to focus accurately. Sorry, son.

A Halloween Nuthatch

A Halloween Nuthatch