Henri on our Deck

Henri on DeckHenri on Deck-2Henri on Deck-4Henri on Deck-3Only Henri can get away with knocking over Ann’s flowers.


A Pileated Woodpecker in My Backyard

Pileated Woodpecker

I was walking to my shed when I spotted this guy, roughly the size of a crow, pecking on a stump on my hill.  I went back in and got my camera.  He let me slip up to about fifteen feet before he took off.

May Showers and Flowers

It seems like it has rained most of the month.  A landslide across US 23 between Prestonsburg and Pikeville has sent me on one and a half hour detours to get to and from work this week.  One of the detours, on John’s Creek, revealed a good number of lovely farms, and this interesting church:

May Flowers and MoreMay Flowers and More-2

One of the interesting features of my Fujifilm X-T1 camera is the ability to replicate, more or less, numerous Fujifilm films.  That’s right, the company’s cameras have built-in settings to emulate, more or less, the company’s films.  Probably no film was more used by landscape and National Geographic photographers in the 1990s than Velvia, with its rich, sharp, punchy slides overflowing with color and contrast.  I shot these pictures of some flowers in Ann’s garden using the Velvia setting on the camera, as one of several rain showers on Saturday was receding.

May Flowers and More-5May Flowers and More-4May Flowers and More-3

And I took these pictures a little later just below the dam at Paintsville Lake.

May Flowers and More-6May Flowers and More-7May Flowers and More-8

Derby Day

Ann and I went to the Kentucky Derby in 2012.  The only time we’ve ever been.  It was a day of good food, horse races, and people watching.  And hats.

Derby 2012Derby 2012-2Derby 2012-4Derby 2012-5Derby 2012-6Derby 2012-7

Springs Past

This is just a little Throwback Thursday post.

Springs Past-2
In April, 2004 we apparently were in Mexico as part of a cruise.
Springs Past-3
Lauren before Prom, May 2004
Springs Past-4
April, 2005 – Jordan and Lauren under our dogwood.

Springs Past-5

Springs Past-6
Spring 2005 – Tulips at Lexington Cemetery
Springs Past
Spring 2005 – Jordan and Magnolia Petals at Lexington Cemetery

And, finally, a few pictures from Dewey Lake taken during the Spring of 2009

Springs Past-8Springs Past-7Springs Past-9Springs Past-10

Henri & Flowers

April - the last week-5
It’s pronounced “Ornery”
April - the last week-6
April - the last week-3
April - the last week-4
In Ann’s garden, after a rain
April - the last week
April - the last week-2
Sometimes you have to stop and smell the…peonies