The Edge of Spring

New Fujifilm xt1

Ann got me a new camera for my birthday – a Fujifilm X-T1.  I love it!  Even though I haven’t had much time to use it yet.  The build quality is reminiscent of old Nikon manual focus cameras of the 1970s.  It has a metal body festooned (yes, festooned!) with knobs and buttons that save time in going through screens of menus to change options.  And both lenses that I got (the 18-135mm zoom and the 60mm f2.8 macro) are both covered in metal as well.  I’ve had it a few weeks now – enough time for blossoms on our tiny magnolia tree to go from above, to below.

New Fujifilm xt1-8

The camera doesn’t have a built-in flash, but comes with a handy small one that goes on top and is turned on just by raising it on its hinge.  We’ve been doing a lot of cleaning up, and moving things, and donating things, and just hauling off things, so we could put down some hardwood floors and get a built-in bookcase.  We’ve been trying for months to find mouse traps that actually work!  All of them, whether purchased as Lowes, or Walmart, or on the internet, have either been too sensitive to set, or so insensitive that they just served as mouse feeders.  Finally, Ann got a bag full of these.  All I could see was nothing as this was in a corner of the kitchen behind a cabinet.  But I could hear movement so I snapped this with the flash.  Thirty seconds or so later, there was another snap.  Hey, sorry!  If you knew how many mice had invaded our house, you might not feel so sorry for the furry little guys.  Unfortunately, I’m embarrassed to tell you how many mice we had.New Fujifilm xt1-2

The kids came in last weekend for a belated celebration of my birthday.  I handed my camera to Lauren and she just started snapping like crazy.  (But notice the new hardwood floors and the new LG OLED TV in the background? :))

I guess the housecleaning wasn’t a complete success, because Oriana pointed out the epic struggle of nature in our living room window.  We’ve never noticed bees like this one before and I suspect some came in as stowaways in the boxes of new floor and furniture.  This sluggish one climbed up the window and into the web of a very tiny spider – they just look big here because I got to use my new macro lens to get in close.  The spider won, by the way.New Fujifilm xt1-6

But enough of life and death and new floors and furniture.  Getting back to the title of this post – Spring is upon us!  Yes!New Fujifilm xt1-9