More Taormina, Please

It was a dark and rainy morning…

More Taoramina-23
Our group assembled for a tour of the Greek theater ruins.
More Taoramina-22
Our guide for the ruins, Maria.
More Taoramina
A church door.

Oh, you wanted to see some color. Okay.

More Taoramina-18
The Greek ruins (with an overlay of Roman bricks)

More Taoramina-21 More Taoramina-20

More Taoramina-19
The tour guide, Maria, again.
More Taoramina-17
Ann borrows a Vespa.
More Taoramina-14
The view from our balcony included the mid-town medieval clock tower.
More Taoramina-13
More Taoramina-12
More Taoramina-10
There were cats…
More Taoramina-9
…and dogs.
More Taoramina-8
Talk about a couple of d**kheads!
More Taoramina-3
Gracie sold paintings by a “very talented artist.” After Ann bought one she confided that the artist was her husband.
More Taoramina-2
This text is so much more interesting than your serenade.

More Taoramina-16 More Taoramina-15 More Taoramina-7 More Taoramina-6 More Taoramina-4More Taoramina-11More Taoramina-5

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