Mimmo and Giusy and the Really Big Feast

One of the highlights of our trip to Sicily and Southern Italy, and one of the events that drew Ann to Stephanie Chance’s tour in the first place, was an evening eating at the home of Mimmo and Giusy.  From the warm welcome of church bells ringing (at the church on their property!), to the tour of  the vineyard and winery, to the multi-course meal they prepared for us, it was a night never to be forgotten.

Mimo and Giusy-5
The old well (and I think that is the lower slope of Mt. Etna in the fog in the distance).
Mimo and Giusy-7
The vineyard.
Mimo and Giusy-20
Ann loves grapes!

Mimo and Giusy-6

Mimo and Giusy-8

Mimo and Giusy

Mimo and Giusy-2
Ready to become wine.
Mimo and Giusy-3
Aging to perfection.
Mimo and Giusy-19
Bottle labels and glasses.
Mimo and Giusy-4
Bruschetta with our wine samples.
Mimo and Giusy-9
Excellent beginnings.
Mimo and Giusy-14
Mimmo pops the champagne cork.
Mimo and Giusy-15
There was lots of food but only one ham.

Mimo and Giusy-10 Mimo and Giusy-11

Mimo and Giusy-12
Sweet endings
Mimo and Giusy-18
Giusy and her son, Federico, who is studying English and whose assistance in translation was much appreciated.
Mimo and Giusy-17
Giusy’s mom.

Mimo and Giusy-13 Mimo and Giusy-16

Dinner included pistachio lasagna, one of the best foods I’ve ever eaten in my life!  Rich and creamy and cheesy and amazing!  Alas, my picture of it did not come close to doing it justice so I left it out. There was also a man playing an accordion throughout the evening as we ate and laughed and sang.  He was very good but my picture of him turned out unfortunately blurry.  The night was just too magical to capture it adequately in photos.

Mimmo and Giusy were gracious, generous, wonderful hosts and we will never forget them or the night they had our group over to their farm house for dinner.

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