Let the Eye Candy Begin

Taormina is another small town perched on the side of a mountain in Sicily.  But it is a lot more fashionable and touristy that the quieter, more spiritual Erice.  It is home to a film festival and has long been a resort for the rich and famous.  It served as “home base” on our tour for several days so these pictures will be spread out over several posts.

The view from our balcony
The other view from our balcony
A rainy morning on the roof
The shopping district

Taormina-7 Taormina-6

The church next to the hotel (not to be confused with the many other churches in town)
Rosalie in the door of a different church


Taormina-9 Taormina-2

Taormina panorama (with the town of Naxos in the distance)

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