Agrigento and the Valley of the Temples

Just outside the modern city of Agrigento lies the Valley of the Temples, although the temples are not in a valley but on a ridge.  These Greek temples were built between 510 and 430 B.C.

The tour started beside this old olive tree. I can’t remember if the guide said it was 600 or 800 years old. Either way, old enough to merit its own spotlight.
The Temple of Herakles (Hercules)


The Temple of Concordia (in black and white to de-emphasize the orange plastic fencing on the left).

Of course, as with many things Greek, the Romans eventually took over.  Below is recently unearthed statute from their time in charge, which began around 210 B.C.


Use of the area didn’t end with the Romans.  Early Christians lived in the area as well and used ancient cisterns as tombs in a necropolis that now offers views of the land beyond the ruins.


And the ruins are still in use, for tourist and education, and for the ancient looking, but actually modern piece of art.


Post Ruin Meal

It sure is easy to work up an appetite and a thirst looking at old ruins.

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