Palermo is over 2700 years old and is the capital of Sicily.  Our first stop was the the Capuchin Catacombs, which contains about 2000 mummies and skeletal remains, all dressed in clothing that often has survived the centuries better than bodies.  I saw a couple of skeletons dressed in their military uniforms, complete with Napoleonic hats.  I surely would have loved this if I were still twelve years old.  But the jaw dropping amazement soon vanished when we came to the bodies of children who never agreed to be displayed for centuries.  No pictures, but if you want to see and read more, here is the website.

We also visited the Cathedral of Monreale, a fine example of Norman architecture on which construction began in 1174.  It’s exterior is stunning.

Palermo-3 Palermo-2

The interior is quite impressive as well.

Palermo-4 Palermo-5

The trip to Palermo also included a marionette show.  These are no toys but are made entirely by hand from wood with hand-made clothing, armor, swords, etc.  Each one weighs about 40 lbs and the puppeteer works up quite a sweat during a show.  I know all of this firsthand.  There is a great deal of craft and art involved in a Sicilian “L’Opera deî Pupi.”


And, of course, Ann makes friends everywhere she goes, including Palermo.


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